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Shiraz and many of the villages around Shiraz rugs of similar quality and design are woven by Qashqai and other Khamseh weavers. These rugs are labeled as “Shiraz”. The difference between Persian village rugs and those woven by recently settled nomadic tribes are often hazy since there is frequently intermarriage between the villagers and the nomads of the same plain or valley. Shiraz rugs are woven with geometric designs and rectilinear pole medallions and repeated hexagonal motifs. The field usually contains a variety of small geometric motifs such as birds, animals, and human figures. Shiraz rugs are woven with wool warp and weft threads; goat’s hair is often mixed with wool in the warps. The sides are overcast either with goat’s hair or two strands of alternating colored wool, giving a barber-pole effect. The medium-long wool pile has a soft texture. The colors are bright red, black, yellow, orange, white, light and dark blue. The background is usually red with a dark blue or black central medallion and spandrels.








2'-7'X 4'-6" (80cm X 137cm)


Wool and Silk, Silk foundation


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