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Hand knotted in Shiraz Persia by the Qashqai tribeswomen, each of these beautiful rugs is an imaginative painting or carving by traditional nomadic weaving techniques in the illustrious region of Shiraz. They are not rugs that have been painted on – rather, they are crafted using the same methods as other types of high quality rugs, with each knot of wool dyed to achieve the vivid image of the duplicated painting. Essentially, it is a woven painting of naturally sourced materials. Because their beauty relies on a diverse blend of vibrant natural dyes and the nomadic weaving techniques, these Pictorial Persian Rugs are exquisite handcrafted art pieces that are timeless. Talk to us to find out the story behind each of these magnificent rugs, because they are sure to be a fascinating conversation topic for your guests at your next party.

We know very little about their history, except that the Qashqa’i left central Asia in the 11th century AD and began entering Iran. Nothing else is recorded about them until the mid-18th century when the ruler of southern Iran appointed a Qashqa’i as the tribal leader of a province.

The Qashqai carpet continues to hold a special place in the world of oriental rugs, as it expresses a superlative level of both craftsmanship and creative inspiration. And it is no wonder, when two elements remain central in Qashqai culture – “il rah,” the tribal road, and their joyous weaving. As the Qashqai say – “Where I am is my carpet. Where my carpet and I am is my home.”


Circa 1970's








3'7"x6'5"(110cm x 197cm)


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