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This is a Hand-woven Elegant 11′-3″x 7′-6″(232cm x 344cm) Persian Khoy Rug, Woven In Persian By Khoy family weavers pre- 1900’s. Hand knotted With Natural Vegetable Dyes and Hand spun Sabalan Mountains Wool
An unusual Khoy Tabriz carpet, North-West Persia

This particular piece is hand knotted in Khoy a suburban township of Tabriz in Azerbaijan Persia, not too far from Tabriz. Nowadays you won’t see any rug from Khoy since it has been industrialized and does not have rg production anymore. Khoy township is located 807 km. north-west to Tehran enjoying mild weather. This township is one of the ancient places in Iran. Khoy means ” salt ” and it was named so because of the salt mines of the region. The first dwellers of it were Median tribes. According to existing historical documents, Khoy had been a very important place as the result of being passed by a branch of famous Silk-Road which linked west to east, was crossing this city.










11'-3"x 7'-6"(232cm x 344cm)


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