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This is a replica of the famous Sheykh Safi rug. This type of rug is noted for its sophisticated construction, original composition elements and decorative completeness of the 16-point turunj located in the middle of the center field. The sketch was created by a talented artist, while the carpet itself was woven by artful craftsmen of Tabriz, or perhaps even those from Ardabil. In 1539, the carpet was bought by Kashani pilgrim and presented as a charity gift to the “Sheikh Safi” mosque. However, before handing it over to the mosque, Maghsud Kashanitold the makers to weave his name on the rug along with the following stanza: “I have no other shelter but yours, except for your doors there is no other roof but for this home where I can lay my head” (The couplet from the 65th gazelle by the 14th century lyric poet hafez (1300–1389). And beneath it: “The work by a servant of this home, Maghsud Kashani” and the figure 946 (1539). This addition is perceived as a patch.[citation needed] The original “Sheikh Safi”, repaired from the other of the pair, is displayed at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, with the second carpet, reduced in size, in Los Angeles.






10'-1" x 14'-8" (309cm x 450cm)


100% Wool

Rug Type

Area Rugs




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