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Afshar Rugs
Traditionally Sirjan is a collection point for Afshar Rugs. Sirjan is the main collection point for the large Afshar production area between Shiraz and Kerman. The city of Sirjan is located in the southwest corner of Kerman province. It is the second largest city of the province after Kerman. It is at the intersection of roads joining the 4 southern provinces which has helped Sirjan grow as a transportation and market center.

Many of the people of the region are of Afshar ancestry. The Afshar were a principle tribe of the Oguz and were an important Kizil Bash tribe during the Safavid dynasty. They revolted in the late 16th century Shah Abbas split them up to disperse their power. An Afshar, Nadir Khan Afshari, ruled Persia but his reign was so problem filled that his men killed him and the political power of the Afshar tribe was broken for good.


Circa 1970's but never been used!

Rug Type

Area Rugs








5'-1"x6'-9" (155cm x 200cm)


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