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Historically, Isfahan was a weaving and cultural center of great importance with its culmination as the capital of Shah Abbas, the great patron of the arts in the 16th century, “The Golden Age of Persian Weaving”. Except for the period of the Afghan domination of the early 1700’s, Isfahan has long produced carpets of great technical skill and sophisticated aesthetics.

Amongst the finest handmade carpets ever made. Isfahan rugs are the pinnacle of the Persian carpet world. They are renowned for their taste, finesse, and utmost intricacy. Most Isfahan rugs are finely detailed in wool and cotton, and often have a base of pure silk. Colors, such as bold reds and blues on light beige, were stronger up until the middle of the 20th century. After that, the influence of the international designer was obvious with a range of more subtle colors. Intricate curvilinear vines snake over elegant fields with exquisite medallions around the edges. Common patterns include tree-of-life schemes and nature-inspired pictorials.


Circa 1970's


Fine Wool






9'-5"X13'-3" (290cm X 407cm)


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