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This is an antique piece Persian Caucasian Textile tribal Jajim. It is an authentic original, without any repairs. It is very astonishing and made of hand spun lamb hair.The predominant color of the background as shown on the photos arr moji (wavy) stripes. This is an example of the man’s early primitive hand weaving with all vegetable dyes! As shown on the photos this piece is in Excellent Condition. No Odor or stains. Professionally washed.

Jajim or Jajem means a “Thick cloth” like “palas” and also a kind of two-sided carpet, which is thinner than Palas. Jajim is woven with colorful and fine threads of wool or mixture of cotton silk and both lamb wool and goat hair. It is a hand weave with no fluff and its two surfaces could be used. They were widely used as a coverlet or protector from coldness as well as decorating the homes and tents of nomadic tribesmen all over Central Asia, Asia Minor, Caucasus and Persia. This rare colorful and lovely example of textile weaving Jajim is made of 100% hand spun wool, hand woven by tribeswomen in the region. The quality of the weave and aesthetics are rich and high. The weave is wonderfully consistent, tight and has a lovely feeling in the hand. Common Jajims could also be woven in two pieces or more. It means that a narrow stripe with 5 meter length and 1.5 meter width, is woven; then divided into 2 pieces. These 2 pieces are sown together side by side. Salvage in between hides the sown points. These Jajim are called “Double Width” and could be woven by a weaver. If there is more than one weaver, which is rare, the jajim is woven into a single wide piece.




Hand Spun Wool 100%






3'-9"x6'-10" (114cm x 210cm)


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