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You are bidding on a beautiful antique Persian hand made Tribal Shahsavan Ardabil runner rug. It measures approximately 3′-8″x9′-9″ (113cm x 278cm) I bought this rug along with several others from a Shahsavan(Azerbaijani) source several years ago in the area and it has been in my collection since. It has beautiful rich colors and a very interesting geometric design in the border and on the center medallion . The rug does is in excellent condition, This is a unique piece for the colorful geometric motifs. The design resembles a Turkomen motif is larger scale even though the weave is coarser and stronger as a Heriz, probably due to proximity to the Iranian Turkoman region and this makes this piece very unusual!

Most Colorful One of A Kind Persian Ardabil rug, handmade wool!
Ardabil is an important area for the production of tribal and village rugs. The rugs of the Shahsavan area especially attractive to collectors.
Design: Persian Ardabil Moharramat,
Color: Please see photos
Quality: Handmade, 100% wool
Origin: Iran
Age: Circa 1970’s, In excellent condition. Never used. No stains, wear, tear or odors.


SHAHSAVAN tribe has long history in IRAN. SHAHSAVAN were brave warriors who protected SAFAVID SHAH ABBAS

in his battles were renowned in history as the “Qezelbash”. In the Lunar Year 991 to 994 (1613 to 1616 A.D.), Shah Muhammad Khoda Banda decided to ask volunteer civilians into the army. This act was

called “Shahsavan Oulmakh”, meaning “becoming Shah lovers”. SHAHSAVAN sub-tribes have 29,247 families, with a population amounting to around 174, 490 individuals. Its structure consists of

Clans, Families, Gobeks and Khanevars. They presently live in Dashte Moghan Ardabil area of Iran.




Hand spun wool!






3'-8"x9'-9" (113cm x 278cm)


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