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1870’s Colorful Antique Shahsavan Mafrash Panel Rug 2×3, NW Persia tribal, Azerbaijan, Shahsavan of Moghan, 2nd half of the 19th century, circa: 1870’s, and in most excellent original condition. The exact size is: 1′-9″ x 3′-3″ (55 x 100 cm). A finely created Rug bedding bag panel possessing soft silky wool and a wide range of richly saturated natural, plant-derived, dye lots including hues of blues, rustic reds, gold and aubergine. This example is as good as any published piece in the rug book literature. Fine weave, glowing colors, pristine condition. Just hand washed. Collection or wall hanging ready.
Highly unusual and exciting, antique Shahsavan rugs and carpets have only recently been recognized among the weaving of the Transcaucasia or far Northwest Iran. Related to the Kurdish rugs of this region, and to those of the Caucasus as well, Shahsavan weaving have a strongly tribal flavor with highly abstract, geometric designs and rich colors. They are sometimes distinguished by certain shades of lavender or deep pink and salmon tones, in conjunction with soft blues. The Shahsavan tribes were originally transported and resettled in the Northwest from Central Asia by the Persian kings in the seventeenth century. This helps to explain the ties between these rugs and those of the Turkomans and other Central Asian tribes.



Wool & Cotton




Caucasian, Persian, Tribal


1'-7"x3'-3" (58cm x 100cm)


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