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The pattern of Bakhtiari rugs tends to be mostly geometric, sometimes semi-geometric, and seldom curvilinear. What distinguishes Bakhtiari rugs from other rugs is that they are colorful and bright; their design also tends to be very crowded. The commonly used colors include deep reds, bright blues, navy, green, brown, ocher, and beige. The most common Bakhtiari design is a panelled garden design which consists of square, rectangular, diamond, or hexagon compartments filled with a floral motif such as a willow tree, a cypress tree, a bush, a grapevine, a vase containing flowers, or a bird sitting on a branch. Sometimes one motif repeats in several compartments; other times a motif is only seen in one compartment. Every compartment has a different motif and color from its neighboring compartments. It is possible to see the above motifs in all-over layouts without the panels as well. In addition to the famous panel design, large medallions resembling Heriz medallions, vase, all-over boteh, and tree-of-life can also be found in Bakhtiari rugs. Runners especially with vertical stripes of small boteh are common as well.










5'-3" x 10'-0"(160cm x 303cm)


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