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Classic Turkoman designs known as Bokharas were originally made by nomadic tribes. Factories in Central Asian republics of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan produce copies of these older rugs. Bokharas were named for the city where they were once collected this city was once an important trade center in Turkestan. These rugs are most
commonly a deep shade of red with a repeating pattern of octagonal guls. An Octagonal gul design is also known as an elephant’s foot. These guls are commonly dark blue, black or brown with white accents. The shapes and colors of guls varied from one tribe to another, these differences were traditionally used to identify the source of the rug. Wool is generally used as the foundation material, and the wool pile is most commonly tied with Persian knots and is clipped short.


Circa 1960's

Rug Type

Area Rugs








3' 6" x 4' 1" (106cm x 124cm)


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